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Changing WYSIWYG Editors!
This website will now be developed under openElement rather than KompoZer.

Welcome to my dedicated website!
A collage of the variants of Torian Noferini.
This fancy shamcy website is dedicated to a bunch of things that I like to do. You know, editing things, making pictures, commenting on stuff, whatever that I like to do, this is the place for that! I do a bunch of stuff in my spare time. Whenever it is making VMs of old Linux operating systems, making pictures of the very great Torian Noferini, or just playing video games. Yeah. You know. Casual stuff.

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This website was inspired by Michael MJD and his awesome content! Thanks to him hosting his crazy website on Neocities, I can do the same as well! Check out his Microsoft FrontPage YouTube video and Subscribe to him if you like vintage tech and all sorts of stuff!